Basic Information

Haski Aviation offers personalized, one-on-one flight training for most pilot certificate ratings. Our staff is both knowledgeable and efficient at training you to reach your aviation dreams, whether it be to fly for fun or professionally.

Ratings We Offer

Recreational Pilot Private Pilot
Instrument Pilot Commercial Pilot
Multi-Engine Certified Flight Instructor
Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument Certified Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine

Airplanes Rates

*All prices are wet rates

Piper Warrior $130/hour
Piper Arrow $175/hour
Piper Seneca $325/hour

Flight/Ground Instruction Rates

Type School Plane Owner’s Plane
Primary $35/hour $45/hour
Advanced $37/hour $47/hour
Multi-Engine $40/hour $50/hour

Our Instructors

Andrew Brown

andycolor Andrew Brown is one of our part time instructors.

Recreational, Private, Commercial, Flight Instructor

Ben Moidel

bencolor.jpg Ben Moidel recently graduated from Kent State University. He has been flying since he was 14.

Recreational, Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor – Instrument, Multi-Engine, Multi-Engine Instructor

Bill Johnson

billcolor Bill Johnson is a retired Physics Professor from Westminster College. He has been on staff as one of our Certified Flight Instructor for many years.

Recreational, Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor – Instrument

Patrick Ungaro

unnamed-1 Patrick Ungaro is our newest flight instructor. More info coming soon.

Recreational, Private

Massimo Ruzza

Coming Soon Massimo Ruzza is an accomplished pilot and has been a flight instructor here for many years.

Multi-Engine, Multi-Engine Instructor